FFlower Girl dresses Bridesmaid Cardiff Cadburys Purplelower girls are usually members of the brides or bridegroom’s extended family, but may also be friends. As the name suggests this member of the wedding procession may spread flower petals on the floor or carry a bouquet of flowers. Flower girls may alternatively carry a circular wreath of flowers signifying love that never ends. If there is no page-boy then possibly your flower girl may be the ring bearer, however an older child may be more suited to this important role. Often dressed in miniature versions of the brides dress, flower girls typically walk in front of the bride during the entrance procession. A modern twist on this is flower girls holding DIY signs announcing the bride is coming, how very cute!

After the bride the flower girl may be the next most excited person in the bridal party, so it’s worth remembering this little one in the planning and rehearsals. If your flower girl needs to perform any duties ensure she has a chance to rehearse, this will put her at ease and make her feel very important. Your flower girl is surely to be dressed in the prettiest dress she’ll have worn so it may be worth explaining there will be a photographer who will want to take lots of photographs of her, so she should keep as clean and tidy as possible. While the maid of honour will be at the beck and call of the bride another bridesmaid should be assigned the duty of taking care of any flower girls including toilet trips as the excitement may be overwhelming. It may also be worth remembering that bribery may be your best friend-it's the not so secret weapon of all parents. Let your flower girls know there is a special gift later in the day if she does a great job.

When selecting flower girl dresses it is important to complement your wedding dress, however details like flowers and diamante should be kept to a minimum. The simpler the better for younger children as flower details and brooches can distract the children in photographs, and lace and sequins can irritate delicate skin. Instead choose a delicate soft fabric, satin or tulle, in ivory or white. Skirts should be circular to achieve the best look when sitting, (again thinking about photographs) big bows will look lovely from behind as the girls walk down the aisle, and can be colour coordinated with any adult bridesmaids or your chosen wedding colour scheme.

Here at City Prom our best-selling flower girl dress is available from 6 months to 10 years, this dress from Frazer & James of Knightsbridge has a soft satin bodice, pleated sash and generous bow.



Available in white or ivory with a choice of sash in purple, burgundy, cerise, black, blue, pale pink and red as standard with alternative colours tailored by our recommended dress-maker. Priced from £49-£79 this dress is sure to make the little girl in your bridal party look and feel like a princess.

Make your appointment now to have your little ones measured phone 07813 133794, 029 20363582 or visit our contact page.


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